Portrait photograph of Anders Kjær Damgaard.

Anders Kjær Damgaard

Freelance Frontend EngineerCopenhagen, Denmark

Hello! 👋

My name is Anders, and I am a passionate frontend engineer obsessed with improving software development projects, from enhancing user and developer experience to increasing maintainability and agility.

I have spent the last 4 years consulting as a frontend web developer for a dozen different companies. I have worked with many teams, technologies, and processes and love the ever-changing environment's many learning opportunities.

Whether you are looking for a frontend lead to lay a good foundation for your next web development project or an experienced React developer to help finish the last user stories before the deadline, LinkedIn is the place to get in touch.

Latest release

I recently released Create Next Stack, an open-source website and CLI tool that helps frontend teams get Next.js projects set up in minutes instead of days. Check it out!

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